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Food industry:
In food industries, potato starch is used to impart "functional" properties to process foods such as thickening, binding, filling and taste and as a stabilizer in Noodles, Dairy products, Confectionary, Meat industry, Syrup production, Bakery, Sauces, Pudding, Mayonnaise, Jam, Canned foods, Instant foods, desserts, Ice cream, Soft & alcoholic Drinks, Animal & pets feeds.

Non Food Industry:
Uses of potato starch in non-food industries are numerous. Potato Starch is also used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, Paper Industry, Textile industry, Plywood industry, Adhesive industry, Construction material industry, Petro-chemical sectors.
The Potato Pulp:
Economical & Environmental friendly Bi-Product
Produced from discarded objects of Potato is called "PULP". Potato pulp, one of the agricultural waste products, which is found in huge quantity during starch production, contains starch, cellulose, hemicelluloses, pectin, proteins, free amino acids and salts. It exhibits physical and physicochemical properties of a typical colloid.
The uses of Potato Pulp:

Potato Pulp is widely used in Cattle farms. Potato pulp is an excellent cattle feed. Calculated on dry matter the feeding value is equivalent to barley. The high digestibility of the fibre content gets potato pulp a particular advantage as roughage to high yielding dairy cattle. The extracted pulp is usually directly disposed of in cattle field both in wet and dried form.

Most recently having reduced and replaced toxic from potato pulp manufacture Plates, Trays, Bowls and Pun nets. It is 100% safe & eco-friendly, environment friendly and designed for the use of serving food at your BBQ, Picnic and Party. These products are stronger, more rigid and have greater insulation properties.