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The Potato Cultivation :
Sourcing of quality starch
Potato is one of the main crops in Bangladesh and is consumed directly; Bangladesh is a major producer of several varieties of potatoes. The favourable climates, soil conditions, availability of necessary cultivation utilities are a few of the main factors that have led to the success of the potato industry in Bangladesh. This huge amount of good quality, freshly grown local potatoes encourages us to establish a potato starch industry within Bangladesh to meet the increasing demand for high quality potato starch.
FATL The Potato Cultivation :
Constant Attention to Sourcing quality Potato
The potato, which is free of sprout, green skin, or spots and containing high starch, low protein and low fibre are suitable and best for the starch production. FATL chooses the best seed and variety that ensures healthy, free from sprouts, green skin, or spots potato, which is the best to produce best quality of starch.

FATL started potato cultivation having selected the best seed and variety with deploying skilled agriculturist and scientific equipments at own land besides giving contract and lease farming together with the local growers just to ensure to get healthy & quality potato.
FATL The Potato Storing :
off-season Sourcing with consistently high standard
In off-season when potato is not plentifully available in the field, we can use potato from FATL's Cold store adjacent to the factory. The cold store is around 20,000 metric tons of capacity. The store completely contains the standard conducive storing environment to keep potato as much fresh as possible using the state of the art cold storage technology.
FATL The Production Process :

Fresh potatoes are poured into the reception hopper to transport it into the stone catcher for removing and separating stone and other heavy particles. Then it goes to washing drum for more intensive cleaning.

After thorough washing & destoning the potato slurry passes through the process line without any touch of hand. The engineers control all the machines from the control room, which is isolated from the process section.

The final product "Potato Starch" are collected by automatic bagging machine in 25 kg bag which is sewed in automatic sewing machine.

FATL The Potato Starch
Natural healthy substance constituent of potato
Starch is a common name applied to a white, granular or powdery, odorless, tasteless, complex carbohydrate most widely spread substances in nature, occurring in most plants and sometimes in abundant quantity, in the fruits, bulbs and tubers of the various plants.